Oct 7, 2008

An open letter to the Physicians of the world

Open Letter to the Physicians of the World « ScienceRoll

I am attaching a link to an open letter published on the internet.

That we doctors need to use Web 2.0 applications to ease our burden and improve the quality of our work is given. I have never come across any colleague or senior who disputes the usefulness or necessity of using these applications.

The biggest hurdle is achieving relevant computer skills. No doctor who wants to continue practicing even for next 5-10 years can shy away from regular use of computers and the internet to ease and improve work. But the inbuilt inertia of our seniors is hard to overcome.I should know that. I had this teacher during my pathology post graduation who didn't allow me to introduce evidence based practices in our department. He insisted that HIS opinion was the final and the best opinion and to think of using information retrieval technology for improving diagnostic skills and education was not encouraged ( Frankly, i would say " actively discouraged". He flunked me in my exams a few times after that, from spite or otherwise).

But i sincerely hope and KNOW that there is a vast majority of doctors out there who require and seek appropriate training in the use of the Internet for medical practice. What is required is a method to tap into this enthusiasm and train all currently practicing doctors in proper use of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 applications like email lists,blogs, social networks, bookmarking, wikis, medical search engines, instant messaging, podcasts, vodcasts.... the list could go on.

Anyways, read this letter here.

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