Feb 25, 2011

Understanding the Cancer Process

 Another Interesting TEDMED 2010 Video.

Danny Hillis is an inventor, scientist, author and engineer. While completing his doctorate at MIT, he pioneered the concept of parallel computers that is now the basis for most supercomputers, as well as the RAID disk array technology used to store large databases. He holds over 100 U.S. patents, covering parallel computers, disk arrays, forgery prevention methods, and various electronic and mechanical devices

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Feb 9, 2011

Shopping for Your Body: Mobile app for Plastic Surgery

Theres an app to shop for Plastic Surgery. Check the surgeons in your vicinity, check the procedures you want done, check the appointment time: and You have planned your plastic surgery.
Approved by the iPhone App store and designed for Dr. Kaplan & Dr. Boudreaux, BuildMyBod is now available for cosmetic surgeons to subscribe to the database and upload their practice data. Consumers can download the free app at the iPhone App Store. As more surgeons upload their data, the app will allow consumers to search for cosmetic surgeons by zip code and review different procedures by gender with pricing information that includes the total costs – doctors fees, operating room costs, anesthesia costs, implants, etc. 

 This is the power of mobile apps. They do one thing and they do it well.
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Feb 4, 2011

Training in Advanced eHealth Technology

The widespread use of EHR is being held back by one simple but profound obstacle, Interoperability.It is important to follow certain global standards, so that the true benefits of Electronic health records can be recieved. The standards issued by Health Level Seven regarding the communication and architecture of health records are therefore vital.

Digital MedCom Solutions, in collaboration with HCIT Consultant , provides Personalized Consultations and Trainings to software industry and healthcare organizations in all things HL7.They provide trainings to software companies and large Corporate Hospitals  in a number of health plus technology related issues, thus ensuring best eHealth practices and maximum benefits to all.
Their Popular Training courses include the whole gambit of eHealth, viz:
  • Healthcare IT
  • HL7
  • EMRs
  • EHRs
  • Others
  • Specific Applications
  • Specific Processes
  • Train the Trainer’ Processes
 They can be contacted on info@digmed.in
You could also simply fill the Contact Form below.

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