Feb 19, 2012

Wikipedia Is The Most Popular Professional Web 2.0 Tool Among Doctors

Physicians are making increasing use of the social web. A recent study by  Insight Research Group (pdf) looked at use of social web by 300 primary care doctors in the first quarter of 2011, drawing equal numbers from Germany, Italy and the UK.

Here is the gist of the research.
  • The agency found 69% of European physicians said they used some form of social media for work, whereas 85% of them made personal use of social media.
  • Wikipedia to be the most popular destination there. 60% of doctors surveyed said they used Wikipedia professionally.
  • After Wikipedia, the most popular sites were YouTube (used professionally by 18% of respondents ), Facebook (5.7%), LinkedIn (4.7%) and Twitter (1.3%).
Niche professional uses of community resources like Wikipedia, Youtube and Facebook is now finding acceptance within the professional medical circles. With more than 60,000 Indian doctors on Facebook out of an estimated total of 700,000 doctors in India, Expect to see a similar scenario in India within 2 to 3 years.

Feb 1, 2012

Health 2.0 India Is A Grand Success: Highlights

Health 2.0 was finally in India. On 30th Jan 2012, innovations in use of technology in health and healthcare were showcased at this one day event held at New Delhi. Also held was a code-a-thon which saw 5 fantastic apps developed in 6 hours!

Listed here are some of the highlights from the event.

Publicis Healthware International used this event to launch its India presence. PHI is part of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG), the largest healthcare communications network in the world. Roberto Ascione, President of PHI showcased their most recent product, Videum.com.

Videum is a global health video portal able to globalize video assets leveraging an exclusive subtitling technology and featuring unparalleled search engine optimization. In a multilingual country like India ( with at least 30 languages spoken by more than a million people each), Videum.com promises to break this very significant barrier to health communication.Videum is a joint venture between Publicis Healthware International (PHI) and dotSUB.

Also shown at Health 2.0 was Kazemill. This innovative tool analyzes tweets to look for 6 common symptoms presented by people suffering from cold and maps them. Tool from McCann Healthcare.

Dr. Anirudh Malpani , an IVF specialist and a keen Health IT enthusiast, presented his HELP initiative, the world's largest free patient education library. You can also view their video channel here.

Ash Damle showcased his very useful MEDgle product for the audience, a personalized medical search and secure private discussion network.

Rajiv Pratap demonstrated the awesome capability of Abzooba, a unique healthcare communication product. Abzooba's Smart Health Information Platform (SHIP) is a collaborative knowledge platform that brings health providers and patients together in an interactive community. Too bad we couldn't find a video to  showcase the outstanding features of Abzooba.

On show was also India's largest healthcare community, mDhil.com . Nandu Madhava, CEO, heads this innovative project which provides health information via online and mobile channels.mDhil averages 5000 video views per day and has more than 150,000 followers on Facebook. Their marketing strategies rely heavily on social media and they are now looking to expand into providing many other types of healthcare information via their varied distribution channels. Do check the mDhil Health channel on Youtube.

Kunal Sinha, CEO, HealthcareMagic.com provided his solution for improving access to healthcare. HealthcareMagic is a portal allowing live interaction between doctors and patients over the internet and on the phone, creating an integrated comparison-shopping environment for health-related products and services.

Other interesting presentations included:
  • The Cheetah Development Project by Dr. Mark Ereth of Mayo Clinic, an innovative initiative where they have boosted the local economy so as to be able to provide healthcare in Tanzania. 
  • Pharmsecure providing ways to authenticate genuine drugs and safeguard patients from fake drugs.
  • Innovative route to culturally sensitive ways of providing HIV Aids information by TeachAIDS
  • Ayurvaid for individualized sustained care across the patient's life-cycle.
  • Health SuperHiway, an integrated cloud based health information network.
  • And the most interesting talk by Mr. Anil Swarup, the architect of India's National insurance scheme, which is "light on the front-end and technology heavy back-end".
Also on display were Mediphone , a call-a-doctor service from Healthfore and some innovative eHealth solutions from Plus 91 Technologies.

Check some tweets  to see the reactions from Tweeple.


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