Sep 11, 2008

NLM Netiquette
* DO keep postings on the specified discussion topics of that particular list.

* DO search the list archives prior to posting a question to prevent repeat questions.

* DO identify yourself. Include your name and institution, if appropriate.

* DO use descriptive subject lines.

* DO send messages in plain text only as some subscriber's email systems cannot handle rich-text or HTML mail.

* DO keep your messages brief when posting to a list.

* DO quote relevant parts of the message when responding to a message, but DO NOT resend the entire original message.

* DO be careful when using humor in your messages.

* DO NOT be critical of other's queries posted to the list. Send a private message and gently make suggestions for future postings, if appropriate.

* DO NOT use all upper case letters when writing - this is seen as shouting.

* DO NOT post messages containing any defamatory, abusive, profane, or offensive language, or post illegal material.

* DO NOT post any materials protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner.

* DO NOT "flame" individuals on the list. Conflict should be resolved in personal e-mails.

* DO NOT generate vacation 'auto-reply' to the list. DO use the 'nomail' command or set up a local email filter to prevent filling up fellow subscribers' mailboxes with unwanted auto-reply messages when you are out of the office.

* DO NOT post test messages to the list. Contact the list owner for assistance, if you have a problem posting.

* DO NOT send messages with little or no meaningful content, such as "I agree!", to the entire list . Send this type of reply to the sender of the original posting.

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