May 27, 2011

Doctors' Use of Email and Social Media : Guidelines

Tens of Thousands of Indian doctors are using the internet, efficiently and otherwise. From search rankings to blogs and community building to branding, the internet has brought up new ways to communicating and researching. Here are the links to a few helpful guidelines to help doctors navigate the online world.

Doctor-Patient Email Communications is a growing trend and hard to underestimate. Very often, physicians are unsure of the limits and liabilities of conducting medical communication via email. Luckily the American Medical association has long back issued a set of practical guidelines to follow

Social Media is now being widely used by doctors as well as patients. All doctors even remotely on social media face many ethical and moral questions regarding online physician-patient relationships. Recently, the AMA posted some guidelines for Doctors use of social media tools in a professional capacity. Even the Australian and New Zealand Medical Associations have come out with their combined effort on this dilemma. Here’s the link to the Physician Social Media Guidebook (a 14 page pdf you can download/ view online). It is one of the most practical and useful guide of its kind online.

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