Feb 12, 2009

-Medical Communication in India

Animation of an MRI brain scan, starting at th...Image via Wikipedia
Since dabbling with Medical communications professionally, i have realized it has been something i have been doing for quite some time, without knowing. Anything i share with others in the form of media, which is related to Medicine and health, would come under the heading of Medical communications. Medical communications would thus include all my work on Slideshare, youtube, Docstoc, Scribd, Authorstream etc.

One easy way to access a lot of my communications would be by clicking on the icons below!!

Anyways, I was doing some research on Medical animation and came across this presentation on history of computer graphics. I should mention here that the only reason i searched Docstoc and not Scribd for my documents is because of the great links posted by Jason Nazar on facebook, regularly. Thanks Jason.

History Of Computer Animation - Free Legal Forms

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