Apr 26, 2009

Health care reforms in the US.

Health care reform is a hot topic these days. What is health care reform? The President, Congress and people like you are talking about it. The simple answer is well, there is no simple answer.

Most Americans i know are not even sure if Healthcare is a fundamental human right?! So talking about "Health care for all" seems too far fetched for them.The argument i hear commonly says that only taxpayers should be given health care assistance and the 46 million or so people without Health insurance can go to Hell ! It seems like a weeding out plan for poverty. " You don't have money to buy insurance? Too bad, go sit there and die".

All of us shall soon have to come to the conclusion that health rights are equal to Right to life and inability to pay for it cannot be a hurdle. The real problem is not the poor, it is the absurdly rising COST of health care!

A few ways to reduce healthcare costs include
  • More Use of Technology
  • Empower people with More information
  • Payment to care providers to be based on Quality rather than the number of investigations performed. ( This is very basic actually)
  • Promote healthier Lifestyle.
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