Sep 10, 2009

Nucleus Medical art, National Geograhic, HBO win 3D animation awards

An animated pentakisdodecahedron

The 1st Annual International Science Animation Awards (ISAA) were presented in Guiyang, China August 8th 2009. The event honored the extraordinary imagination and creativity of those transposing scientific concepts and conclusions into renderings of reality that reflect our unseen world. Finalists from Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Thailand were in competition with pieces created for CNN, HBO, National Geographic, Bristol Meyer's, and some of America's top medical animation companies for awards in only four categories; Physical Science, Natural Science, Children's Education, and Honorable Mention
This year's Sci-An Awards went to:
  • Natural Science - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, USA for its comprehensive 3D animation of changing global conditions in "Global Warming".

  • Physical Science - NUCLEUS MEDICAL ART, USA for their detailed and nuanced 3D animation of human birth in "Birth and Complications".

  • Children's Education - JESTER INTERNATIONAL, Taiwan for their informative and cartoon-like depiction of healthy bacteria on a child's arm fighting-off external pathogens for early primary school in "Oh! Bacteria".

  • Honorable Mention was awarded to JANNIS PRODUCTIONS - USA for their complex and sophisticated rendering of bioactivity in the human brain at different stages of Alzheimer's, in HBO's special series "The Alzheimer's Project".

A televised awards show will be aired later this year and includes a live orchestra tribute to the legendary Hayao Miyazaki's animated films, with musical themes serenading brief montages from many of his animated features.

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