May 27, 2010

Good Story Telling Skills Important to Being a Good Doctor.

I have enjoyed watching the tele-serials ER as well as Law and Order: SVU ,so i was excited to stumble onto this video on TedMed.

Neal Baer is a political science graduate, a pediatrician ,television writer and producer. He's written numerous episodes of ER and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He explains how most of his stories are derived from actual patient circumstances. His story-writing and Film industry experience has given him a unique perspective on Physician skills.

Listening to him, i realized how true what he says is. Interviewing a patient well and then putting it down on paper logically is so very important. Also,television and movies can really be a good health information platform, especially in a movie crazy country like India!

Neal Baer demonstrates the connection between Hollywood and medicine in this enlightening and entertaining talk!

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