Jun 17, 2010

Mapping Asthma - GPS in Clinical and Preventive Medicine

Came across this wonderful use of Global Positioning System in medicine. 

The Spiroscout inhaler tracker on Asthmapolis.

By tracking the use of inhalers, Asthmapolis aims to help patients and physicians improve management of asthma and provide a valuable new source of aggregated, anonymous and voluntarily shared data for scientists and public health.

The tracker can simply be attached to the top of the inhaler . It records the times and locations when the inhaler is used and this data can be viewed in real time over handheld devices like phones to create a complete clinical diary of events.This lets you map and track your asthma.

Besides, Physicians who remotely monitor asthma symptoms and the use of medications by their patients can identify those in need of additional attention, and help them achieve better asthma control.  This would also provide very valuable real time data on trends in Asthma attacks amongst various populations and in specific geographical areas.

You can find them on Facebook  and also follow their efforts on Twitter.

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