Jul 9, 2010

Electronic Medical Records - Hosted Vs SaaS

A very simple explanation of what an EMR is and what are the main 2 options of EMRs available.

1) Internally Hosted EMRs - like most famous EMRs, including VistA and OpenEMR

Here, the software is on a client server and is generally cut-off from the outside world. Some of these EMR packages also allow remote computers to log in into the software, thus adding 'web- enabled' feature.

2) Internet based/ Cloud Based EMRs - like Medscribbler

These EMRs reside in the cyberspace and access is via a website login. These services are typically priced based on number of doctors using it / number of patient entries / Periodic subscription fees.
Though the first type is considered more secure, it can be a pain to use. You would need a whole army of technicians to maintain a system like that in-house.The other option, of using a web based EMR provided as a service, would be my choice. It allows for easier to use interfaces (in my opinion), geographically free application (as it can be logged on to from clinic/hospital/home) and less expensive for small and mid sized practices.

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