Jun 16, 2012

Social Media in Healthcare: A Collective Presentation from HealthWorks Collective

Cleveland Clinic ( in partnership with Johnson and Johnson) recently organized the third annual Patient Experience Empathy and Innovation Summit on May 20-22 at the Inter-Continental Hotel & Conference Center on Cleveland Clinic's campus in Ohio. The attendees (from 34 states and 28 countries) represented hospitals, healthcare systems and businesses.This physician/hospital led event strives to bring the missing 'human' touch to medical care.

The topics discussed ranged from use of internet tools in healthcare, personal technology, patient experience, service excellence, physician communication, search engine marketing and more . As expected, Digital / Social Media use in healthcare was an important (and inaugural) session of the conference.It highlighted how healthcare providers can mobilize the power of digital media to make healthcare better, faster, more personal and affordable. It also explored the latest social media technologies and their roles in patient care, research and education.

From the conference, here is presentation from Robin Carey, Chief Executive Officer, Social Media Today. It dissects and quantifies physician use of digital media like cellphone apps, blogs, Facebook and twitter. Also included are some tips on best practices.

You can find many of the presentation posted on their post proceedings page.

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