Jul 21, 2012

Doctors on Google: Manhattan Research Survey 2012

It is important for the healthcare industry stakeholders in India to keep a close watch on physician practices in the United States as the same behaviour is soon replicated in Indian metros because of a large proportion of US returned doctors. Google partnered with Manhattan Research to conduct a very revealing physician survey recently which also has implications for the Indian markets.

A total of 506 practicing US physicians were surveyed online between February and March 2012 to assess their use of digital tools and new media. Here are some of their key findings.
  • 87 per cent of physicians use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.
  • Physicians perform an average of 6 professional searches a day
  • 68 per cent of physicians are prompted to use a search engine because a patient seeks more information during a consultation
  • When search is used, 77 per cent  of the physicians use it between patient consults while 41 per cent physicians agree to having used it during patient consults.
  • 84 per cent of physicians search on condition related keyword terms. Only 17 per cent search on pharmaceutical manufacturer terms
  • 93 per cent physicians have taken action after consulting a search engine for clinical information.
  • One in three physicians click on sponsored listings
  • Medscape is the most popular platform used for watching professional videos.

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