Aug 24, 2009

Using iPhone as CDSS

Technology use has made the practice of medicine more accurate and more precise.One important feature has been knowledge management, in a way to achieve clinical advice for patient care based on number of items of patient data. Broadly called CDSS -
Clinical Decision Support systems

"Clinical Decision Support systems link health observations with health knowledge to influence health choices by clinicians for improved health care"
The latest such application (pun intended) is eRoentgen™ for iPhone. It helps doctors order the most appropriate radiology test for their patients based on a diagnosis, sign or symptom.

eRoentgen Radiology DX 1.0- Size:- 1.6 MB
Physicians and other healthcare professionals use eRoentgen™ to choose the most appropriate imaging study for a selected diagnosis or symptom. The eRoentgen™ quickly and easily improves patient safety and the quality of the imaging workup.It is extremely useful in locations which do not have a radiologist to guide a general Physician regarding the most appropriate imaging test to be ordered for further work up of any patient. It reduces wasteful and needless tests, and also improves diagnostic accuracy.

This app can be purchased online or via the iPhone apps store.Priced at $49.99.
This app gets my Vote, for sure.

In addition to eRoentgen™ for iPhone, iAtros is in the process of developing applications for a variety of mobile devices.

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