Oct 9, 2009

Digital microscopes for laptop integration and recording capabilities.

Carson ePix MM-740 Digital Microscope is a compact 5x optical zoom microscope with a digital zoom function that can display its magnified image right on your computer screen, providing hours of fascinating educational entertainment for adults and children alike.  It has a built-in internal illuminator, which ensures that the magnified images are clear and bright, and you can use the base attachment to view prepared slides or remove the base and place the microscope on any surface to reveal fine details. 

The ePix MM-740 Digital Microscope is extremely easy to set up and use. Just install the included driver software, and attach the digital microscope to the USB port of your computer - you'll instantly see a live image appear on your computer screen. To capture and keep an image you are viewing, simply press the shutter button on the top of the microscope and the image will be captured and displayed in a separate window. Click on File and select Save from the drop-down menu and the image is yours to keep.
Features to use-

• Integrated digital camera captures still images and video clips

• View prepared specimen slides or place right onto ordinary objects to view

5x Optical zoom capability (26-130x effective magnification including digital zoom)

• Amazing educational and entertainment tool for both children and adults

Battery-free operation - draws power directly through your computers USB Port

• Included software makes viewing images and video on your PC monitor easy

1.3MP image resolution -Sad!

• Compatible with Windows Systems (Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP) and requires an available USB Port.

Many other variants of this Digital Microscope are also available, with tweaked technical specifications to cover a wide range of requirements. And all this for less than 100 USD$$! Check a few deals here. http://www.dealtime.com/xPO-Carson-Optical-MM-740

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