Oct 8, 2009

Obama needs Doctors support for Health reforms to be.

I have been following the Obama healthcare reform debate from a distance.The whole exercise seems too messy and too many people with too many agendas.

I have not come across many "Larger view" positions. Often, The debate turns to hair-splitting and  sometimes turns rascist too.Most people online seem to misunderstand the whole point in this reform. Quite a few of the Cyber-citizens simply parrot against the old enemy,"Communism", while others do not even accept health as a fundamental human right!

Richard L. Reece is author, blogger, and health reform commentator. I read this piece on Medinnovationblog and found it neatly sums up the internal position of most of the concerned parties. And it takes a broader look at the whole issue, without debating too many nuances.Like someone said, "If it takes more than 3 sentences to explain your analysis, go rethink".

Obama, Doctors, Nurses, and Health Reform: "These days Obama and his committee, Organizing for America (OFA), are busily rallying doctors and nurses to bolster his case for a government overhaul of health care.

This week Obama and OFA assembled 150 doctors – all wearing white coats, many passed out by the White House if doctors didn’t bring their own – to stand by the President in the Rose Garden. OFA has bought ads featuring doctors and nurses on national cable TV channels. And just yesterday, OFA sent out emails to the nation’s nurses asking for displays of support and telling they could order pins proclaiming “Another nurse for reform.” The thought behind this frenzied recruiting of doctors and nurses is that the public admires and trusts doctors and nurses.

This strategy has pratfalls, beartraps, and pitfalls.

In the first place, every doctor and nurse I know supports some form of reform, but not necessary the Obama brand featuring deeper federal intervention.

Secondly, in the October 4 WSJ, three former AMA presidents came out against a “costly and inefficient government overall, “ instead saying a giant step towards reform would be enabling individuals to buy policies in any state, not just the state in which they live.

- Thirdly, Obama’s challenge in not persuading the public that doctors and nurses support his plan, but convincing the 270 million Americans already covered, and happy with their coverage and their doctors and nurses, to back his plan.

10th November- NEWSFLASH-

President Barack Obama's health-care overhaul faces an uncertain battle in the Senate after a narrow weekend victory in the House revealed the continuing divide among Democrats.
The bill passed by a 220-215 margin late Saturday after fractious debate. Thirty-nine Democrats voted against the measure. One Republican, Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao of Louisiana, unexpectedly voted in favor.

The measure spends $1.05 trillion over a decade to provide health insurance to an additional 36 million Americans and creates a new public insurance plan by 2013. It requires most Americans to carry insurance, creates a new exchange where they can shop for it and gives the lowest earners tax credits to help them pay for it.

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