Nov 18, 2009

Healthcareworld 2010- Medical tradeshow in India


HealthcareWorld 2010, a medical exhibition organised by Express Healthcare, has been planned with one point mission="to bring its exhibitors the audiences they want". It would also provide a green zone, seminar and an award show.

HealthcareWorld 2010 is being organised by the Express Group and Express Healthcare, India's leading Healthcare Business Magazine. Federation of Hospital Administration (FHA) and The Association of Hospitals (AOH) are the supporting associations for this tradeshow. Manipal Hospital, Bangaluru, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram and Max Healthcare are supporting HealthcareWorld 2010. Hosmac is a knowledge partner and BOC, a member of The Linde Group, is associating with HealthcareWorld 2010 as a Green Zone Partner.

Dr Vivek Desai, Managing Director, Hosmac India Private Limited, hopes that "Such a forum will help create better relationship between various stakeholders in a fragmented but rapidly growing healthcare industry. It will also sensitise people to new technologies which helps integrate functions, thereby improving efficiency."

The main events planned for this forum include-

  • HealthcareLive
* HealthcareLive is a strategic zone that will let you build real-life, real-time models for ICU, critical care, imaging and diagnostics.
* It will also bring the very decision makers you seek into direct contact with your product.
* With HealthcareLive you will get an opportunity to let the industry know your product USP and why it need to be on their 'Must Buy' list.

  • Healthcare Roundtables
* Healthcare Roundtables will feature opinion leaders and experts discussing key healthcare issues.
* These Roundtables will be held for key segments like critical care, imaging, diagnostics and IT.
* This will build interest and provide maximum mileage for these key segments.

  • Green Zone
This unique concept with the name Green Zone will be held in a special pavilion on the emerging environment friendly technology segment.

* Green Zone will bring together leading companies, technology providers, consultants and decision makers.
* GreenHealthcare Seminar will bring along consultations with key prospects.

  • Meet the Consultants
* Meeting with consultants will bring together Medical Directors, Nursing Homes, Managers, HODs, & CTOs with leading consultants.
* There will be consultant booths for one-on-one meetings and roundtables featuring guest speakers.
* This will provide the perfect opportunity to the companies who seek to reach and influence key decision makers across the industry.

  • Launch Site
* Launch Site is going to be for companies looking for the perfect platform to launch their latest offerings.
* Launch Site will provide a special stage and a space will also be allotted for collateral/ posters/ demonstration/ presentation.
* It will be aggressively promoted at the event and will be staged between 3 pm to 4 pm on all days.

Visitor Profile-
* Doctors/ Specialists
* Hospital Managers and HODs
* Medical Directors
* Diagnostic Centers
* Biomedical Engineers
* Health Care Services
* Investors for Health Care Industry
* Healthcare Services
* Investors for Healthcare Industry
* Medical Professionals
* Medical Research Institutes
* Diagnostic Centers
* Clinical Laboratories
* Rehabilitation Organisations
* lCare Services & Self-help groups

HealthcareWorld 2010 promises to be a "Happening" conference and i hope to see a lot of "Bright ideas" there.

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