Nov 26, 2009

Quantros to provide health care SaaS in India

Fatal medical errors in health care services are much commoner than generally believed. The number of years of potential life lost from potential medication errors is greater than the number of years of potential life lost from all accidents combined, including falls and drowning! A recent study in Archives of Internal Medicine showed that deaths due to medical errors are increasing exponentially, with increase of fatal medical errors by 360% over 2 decades. Use of health care IT will go a long way in preventing such consequences.

>Dr. Sanjaya Kumar’ is a Medical informatics and healthcare technology expert bringing message of patient safety and quality to Bangalore hospitals. His mission is his passion- working to make healthcare safer worldwide, and promoting hospital safety.With a talented team of doctors and technologists, Quantros now provides SaaS in the health care field with special emphasis on decision support system and patient safety protocols, to bring down fatal medical errors. Quantros also provides software and services to healthcare organizations in the areas of quality, risk management, performance improvement, accreditation and compliance, real-time surveillance and centralized business and clinical decision support solutions. Claiming to service more than a thousand clients, Dr.Kumar is now trying to bring his technology to India, via Bangalore.

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, of Quantros, Inc., along with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom shall visit Bangalore during Late November < 27th november onwards>as part of a San Francisco-Bangalore Sister City Initiative. The San Francisco-Bangalore Sister City Initiative is a volunteer-driven, not-for profit-organization that aims to engage individuals and institutions in Bangalore and San Francisco in creating sustainable 21st century cities through an exchange of environmental, economic, technological, and cultural ideas, expertise and resources.

Hoping to see some interaction between Dr.Kumar (Quantros) and Dr.Devi Shetty <Narayan Hradayalay) at Bangalore. Dr.Devi Shetty is one of India"s foremost change-pushers and has already demonstrated some brilliant out-of-the-box ideas , typical to Indian conditions and attitudes, which have clicked superbly.

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