Jan 23, 2011

5 Trends Which Will determine the Future of Healthcare ecoSystems.

A new report on www.csc.com looks at the 5 trends they believe will shape the future of healthcare  ecoSystems. Increasing use of collaborative tools, better data analysis and improved clinical practices will change the current business models for providing healthcare.

1) E-Power to the Patient -- Patients take on a larger, more active role in managing their wellness and health. In this new world, the patient is in charge of his or her care management on a daily basis, with “shared care” between patient and provider; the patient and primary care provider lth and wellness plan together and pull in resources as needed.

 2) Earlier Detection -- Earlier detection maximizes options for successful treatment, leading to a speedier return to good health. Detection starts with the patient – a person knows when something is not right  health-wise. Now armed with a library of medical content written especially for nonclinical professionals, many people start on the Internet with sites such as iTriage, WebMD and ADAM.

 3) High-Tech Healing -- New technologies can significantly boost outcomes and quality of life.Advances in the science of medicine using technology are leading to new treatments that improve health outcomes and quality of life with remarkable and even near-bionic capabilities.

4) Resources: More, but Different -- Solving the healthcare resource puzzle requires new players and new care models. Distance monitoring devices, Tablets and apps, Evidence databases have thrown up new resources to improve healthcare quality.

5) Global Healthcare Ecosystem Emerges -- More information, more connected, leading to better care and better research. The growing number of nations turning to electronic records will gift us an abundance of data. Better connected healthcare will let us utilize collective data better.

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