Jan 25, 2011

How iPhones and iPads Will Revolutionize Healthcare

iPhones and iPads are increasingly prevalent in health care space.Medical imagery used for diagnosis can now be seamlessly integrated with portable Viewer apps . This easily sets up the Radiologists and Pathologists to be the change leaders to push for in time-high Quality devices which can allow them to consult from anywhere in the world, for anyone in the world. Thus the redundancy of Physical presence at a diagnostic center for such consultants. Communications technology has revolutionized the fundamental practice of medicine by providing faster healthcare , which can only be enriched by more data.

One such app,Mobile MIM displays full-resolution medical images, like CT, MR, or X-rays, with easy-to-use image controls such as window/level, zoom, and pan.

Mobile MIM is currently available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India.
In US, it is being thwarted by the FDA. This decision is based on the fact that  
your device has a new indication for displaying medical images for diagnostic use on a mobile/portable device…that alters the diagnostic effect, impacting safety and effectiveness, and is therefore a new intended use.Furthermore, your device has new technological characteristics that could adversely affect safety and effectiveness and raise new types of safety and effectiveness questions…< unquote>
FDA will soon have to reconsider their positions as Tele-diagnosis becomes mainstream.
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