Feb 4, 2011

Training in Advanced eHealth Technology

The widespread use of EHR is being held back by one simple but profound obstacle, Interoperability.It is important to follow certain global standards, so that the true benefits of Electronic health records can be recieved. The standards issued by Health Level Seven regarding the communication and architecture of health records are therefore vital.

Digital MedCom Solutions, in collaboration with HCIT Consultant , provides Personalized Consultations and Trainings to software industry and healthcare organizations in all things HL7.They provide trainings to software companies and large Corporate Hospitals  in a number of health plus technology related issues, thus ensuring best eHealth practices and maximum benefits to all.
Their Popular Training courses include the whole gambit of eHealth, viz:
  • Healthcare IT
  • HL7
  • EMRs
  • EHRs
  • Others
  • Specific Applications
  • Specific Processes
  • Train the Trainer’ Processes
 They can be contacted on info@digmed.in
You could also simply fill the Contact Form below.

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